Full Branding

"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand." ~Paul Rand

Prismatix Studio

Sun Prairie, Beauty Salon

Kelly Acker, proprietor of beauty salon Prismatix Studio, approached me with the goal of having a logo and brand that visually communicated the feeling of her studio. Specifically, family friendly, personal, bright, and happy while still holding a professional tone. We played with the concept of refracted light through a prism, drawing from her company name Prismatix Studio. Materials include business cards, pricing menu, brochure and Thank You Cards.

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Madison, Carry-Out Experience

"Each box of food at Picnics comes with a map. It’s a seven minute walk from 101 N. Hamilton St. to James Madison Park. A nine minute ride with a BLT and potato salad in the basket of your bike gets you to Tenney Park." The Cap Times notes a branding decision proprietor of Picnics Anna Freudenberg and I made. A simple idea that emphasis her brand and sets her lunch spot apart. Picnics focuses on supporting local farmers, sustainability, and ethical practices. Materials include Stamp, Sticker, photography, Logos, Website, and flyer. 

Visit Anna at MadisonPicnics.com

Connection Through Compassion

Milwaukee, Non-profit

Connection through Compassion is a project very close to my heart, with a message that really speaks to me. Normalize kindness. 

CTC's logo is a tree based on the giving tree. This is an icon during particular holidays or events where a person leaves behind a gift, something new or something used. Someone in need of that gift that can in return leave something behind or simply take what they need. Connection through Compassion embodies this non-expectation kindness spreading culture by creating tools, such as the kindness card (art on one-side with a kind phrase on the back), to allow for easier access to opportunities of deeper connection and intimacy.

The goal of Kindnesscard.org is to teach individuals not only how to make these cards but guide them through the social process of handing a strangers (friends not yet made) kindness cards.

Materials include Logo, T-shirts, Kindness Card design, and Business Flyer.

Please visit www.Kindnesscard.org and take a look around.