“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place…"
~ Elliot Erwitt
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I' ve found lot of enjoyment looking at the world through the lens of my camera. When I take an image I like to tell a story, capture a moment or expand upon it. I believe in the practice of taking more photos than necessary, as there can be more story in the moment right before a smile. Below feature samples of wedding photos, band album photos, product photos, and photography for restaurant promotion.

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Rights and ownership of photos above include: Optimal Health Network, Picnics LLC, and Waiting for Reason. Photography by Back Ali Design, LLC. Do not download these images.




There's so much you can do with a photo! When working with product photos some actions we can take include; adjusting the fit of an item on model, filling out the shape of a bag, removing wrinkles, adjusting contrast and lighting, color matching, item cut outs and so much more!

ShopBop has the rights to these images. Photos takens by ShopBop photographers, edited by Ali.